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Arrington Lumber & Pallet

Arrington Lumber & Pallet

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About Us

For 50 years Arrington Lumber & Pallet Co. has maintained a stellar reputation for quality, reliability, service, and value. What sets us apart are the values we inherit from our employees that many companies in our industry lack.

Some of these values are:

Our customers will always get the product they have asked us to build. This seems simple, but the pallet industry is littered with shady players whose first loads in the door are built to spec, but that slowly over time devolve into a more (manufacturer’s) cost friendly pallet to build. We build every pallet exactly the same every time we build it.

Our customers will receive products built with quality materials. Too often when we visit potential customers we see A grade pallets built using #2 and beyond lumber. Some of the most common offenses are wane, large knots, incorrect sizing, shoddy nails and nail placement. Our equipment is setup to produce as little unusable wood material as possible and questionable boards are discarded. We also use American made nails and banding to avoid quality issues.

Our service will be unmatched in the industry. We operate our own trucks and trailers for this very reason and rely as little as possible on third parties to deliver our products. We strive to solve or help to solve our customers packaging problems, whether it be a change in design or change in schedule. You will undoubtedly receive a pallet of unmatched quality from us, but the before and after service is just as important to us.

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