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Texas Air Corps

Texas Air Corps

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About Us

Texas Air Corps (TAC) was founded in 2021 by Mike Miller, who is a pastor and a flight instructor, and Gabe Johnson, also a flight instructor, for the purpose of training Christian missionary pilots to fly in remote areas all over the world. The vision of Texas Air Corps was born through work our sister organization, Kingdom Air Corps (, which has the similar vision of training missionary pilots in Alaska. Texas Air Corps hopes to compliment the summer training season of Kingdom Air Corps by providing winter training. This relationship would allow students to have access to year round flight training.

Applicants for Texas Air Corps are prayed over and undergo a rigorous interview process before being accepted. Only students who are wholly committed to serving the Lord in full-time mission work are considered for flight training.

Texas Air Corps operate out of Tarrant Field Airport (6X0), located in Bullard, Texas. Tarrant Field is a 2,700 foot grass strip. While TAC can provide training for primary, commercial, or add-on ratings, our location is ideal for instrument instruction. Located within a thirty minute flight are three airports (KGGG, KTYR, KJSO) with instrument approaches. Between these three airports, most required instrument approaches and practice could be achieved. For additional practice, the Dallas and Houston Class B airspaces are within an hour and a half flight.
Texas Air Corps is a non-profit ministry that is able to operate due to generous donations of money, equipment, and airplanes. Flight instruction is donated


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